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Equinor Vows to Clean Up Oil Spill in Bahamas

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, there are news stories of widespread destruction throughout the Bahamas. Equinor says it’ll clean up the spills from the South Riding Point oil terminal. Resources are being gathered as quickly as possible to safeguard people, the surroundings, and the center.

At the time of arrival of the Dorian, Equinor had 54 employees on Grand Bahama. All are confirmed safe and accounted for. Employee aid is being provided, along with food and water.

The South Riding Point oil terminal has sustained damage from the hurricane and oil has been noticed on the ground at the terminal site and in neighboring areas. The scale of the spill is not precise.

Based on existing visual assessments, there are no signs of oil leakage from the vessels or from the terminal to sea or seashores. Further examination is ongoing to evaluate the full impact of the spill.

Equinor has secured tanks and equipment for oil spill response in Louisiana, Port Fourchon and from numerous ports throughout southeast Florida. Some are now en route, while others are awaiting customs to be en route as soon as possible. Upon arrival, clean-up and remediation will begin immediately.

The equipment mobilized consists of skimmers, oil containment booms, absorbents, pumps, pressure washers, and boats. The scenario is complex and difficult, with damage to infrastructure stalling progress in relief and response programs.

Equinor has nearly 100 members of its incident management group in Norway and the US now working in coordination with our people on Grand Bahamas Island.

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