Get Ready for Spring Cleaning!

With spring being just around the corner, there are so many things you need to take care of! Cluttered garage, old stuff lurking in your closets, dust behind your washer and dryer, spider webs on your patio that for some reason managed to survive this winter… It is easy to get overwhelmed with all diffeent choires you need to complete before you host first spring parties in your house… Here are some tips on how you can make this process easier.

1. Make a list. List of places around your house that require some extra attention can be very helpful. Just be honest with yourself. Look where you normally don’t.

2. Get new cleaning tools. Shopping is always inspiring. Get a brigth bucket, gloves with fun print, brushes and sponges. Also, promise yourself to make a trip to the local store to get some candles and home decorations that will refresh air and look. This will be your reward and motivation.

3. Deligate. Do you have kids around your home? Then spring cleaning can actually become a fun game. Have them go through their toys and decide which ones should go to your local donation center or second hand store. Promise that any cash that those stores will give you for those toys will go to the kids piggy banks (or college funds).

4. Outsource. You can so much. Sometimes, it is hard to find time for a through and dedicated cleaning In this case, all you have to do is to pick up the phone and call your local cleaning service. Just make sure that they have a good reputation before you make that call.

Happy Spring Cleaning!