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Libyan State Oil Company Contracts Oil Supply to East

Libya’s state oil company has contracted kerosene supplies to areas dominated by eastern commander Khalifa Haftar in what diplomats and oil delegates stated was an attempt to prevent his troops employing them in their five-month-old conflict to take the capital.

The firm said it took no side in the battle and there was more than sufficient fuel in the east for civilian purposes.

The reduction in quantities sent east in August was a cancellation by state oil agency NOC, which works with globally-backed authorities based in the capital Tripoli and also has to cooperate with Haftar’s forces as they dominate major oilfields.

The NOC shows itself as outside the almost decade-long battle for dominance of the nation and NOC data for the last three months showed it had sharply elevated supplies of kerosene to the east in response to demand.

The NOC data confirmed that kerosene supplies to airport warehouses in central and eastern areas which a NOC official said have been dominated by the LNA dropped to nearly 5.25 million liters last month.

The monthly sum had risen to between 7.3 million liters and 8.8 million liters in the past three months.

Two oil delegates said on condition of anonymity that the NOC was the LNA was using concerned loads in the Tripoli battle. Two diplomats further said that was the reason for the cut.

The figures don’t distinguish between kerosene used for domestic heating and industrial purposes and that used for jet fuel; however, the assertion said demand for the latter had risen.

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