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Pediatric Clinical Trials Market Size 2019 – Industry Analysis by Types, Applications, Key Players, and leading Countries Forecast to 2024

Pediatric Clinical Trials

The “Pediatric Clinical Trials Market” report 2019 provides a comprehensive analysis of Pediatric Clinical Trials industry by types, applications, key players and regions. It shows the Pediatric Clinical Trials market 2019-2024 by production, consumption, supply, gross margin, the revenue of the industry. Additionally, the Pediatric Clinical Trials market report covers the details of market size, share, and growth rate of the market with respect to regions.

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Competitor Analysis:

Pediatric Clinical Trials market includes the following leading manufacturers on the basis of sales, revenue, price, and gross margin.

  • Bristol
  • Myers Squibb Company
  • Charles River Laboratories International Inc.
  • Covance Inc.
  • GlaxoSmithKline plc
  • ICON plc
  • Novartis AG
  • Pfizer, Inc.
  • Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC
  • Syneos Health Inc.

    Market Overview:

  • The major factors for the growth of the pediatric clinical trials market include the rising awareness about pediatric medicine, shifting in-house clinical trials to CROs, and increasing burden of pediatric diseases, such as diabetes.
  • Over the last decade, the pharmaceutical industry has been gradually shifting from in-house clinical research to contract research organization (CRO). Until the end of the 20th century, the majority of pharmaceutical companies structured out and executed clinical trials on their own, in their premises. Only small companies with fewer resources (in terms of money, manpower, and minutes) outsourced their clinical research work to CROs. As time progressed, even big companies began outsourcing their work. Thus, the competitive landscape in the field of CROs has increased rapidly. An increasing number of CROs were added to the list, globally, providing reliable and effective offerings to companies. Due to the increase in the number of CROs, pharmaceutical companies started increasing their research practices. In the past few years, organizations, such as IQVIA, PAREXEL, PPD, and others, have gained the confidence of big pharmaceutical companies and are performing well. Pediatric clinical trials have also gained importance as a result of this shift, as companies can now conduct more clinical trials (including pediatrics that was left out before, owing to uncertain returns and lack of resources). The ease of outsourcing clinical trials is boosting the practice of pediatric clinical trials, and thereby, the market for the same. In the coming years, with the increasing importance of pediatric medicine, the market for pediatric clinical trials is expected to record steady growth.

    Pediatric Clinical Trials market report presents in-depth analysis regarding the development, current trends, industry policies and regulations implemented in each of the geographical region. It includes analysis of upstream raw materials, downstream demand, and current market dynamics. Furthermore, the Pediatric Clinical Trials market report provides in-depth insight of Pediatric Clinical Trials industry during 2019-2024.

    Scope of the Report:

  • As per the , clinical trials conducted on children, for the R&D of new drugs, are called pediatric clinical trials. Due to the increasing awareness about pediatric medicine, the need to effectively tackle diseases in children, FDA supporting pediatric clinical trial research, and others, the global pediatric clinical trials market is growing. There are various factors that are restraining the market, which include the lack of infrastructure for pediatric clinical trials and ethical issues.

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    Key Market Trends:

    Phase ll Segment under Phase-wise Segmentation is expected to hold the Largest Market Share during the Forecast Period

    Phase II is the step after Phase l for any biopharmaceutical company to proceed where clinical efficacy or biological activity (‘proof of concept’ studies) and optimum dose to show biological activity with minimal side-effects (‘definite dose-finding’ studies) are performed in 100-300 patients with the specific disease. The time period is several months to two years in most scenarios. The success rate in this phase drops down sharply, and as per the US FDA, the successful trials moving forward are around 33%. As per the, nearly 5,849 studies are currently in process 2019 with active study undergoing. Owin

    Reasons to Buy Pediatric Clinical Trials Market Report:

    • Analysis of Pediatric Clinical Trials market including revenues, future growth, market outlook
    • Historical data and forecast of Pediatric Clinical Trials industry
    • Pediatric Clinical Trials market report covers regional analysis including growth estimates
    • To analyze the end user markets including growth estimates
    • Profiles on laboratory balance including products, sales/revenues, and market position
    • Includes Pediatric Clinical Trials market structure, market drivers, opportunities, and restraints.

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    Pediatric Clinical Trials Market Report Covers the Following Questions:

    • What trends, challenges and barriers are influencing its growth?
    • What is the and regional outlook for Pediatric Clinical Trials market?
    • Who are the key players, and what are their strategies?
    • What is the status of Pediatric Clinical Trials status worldwide?
    • What are the Pediatric Clinical Trials market challenges to market growth? 
    • What are the Pediatric Clinical Trials market challenges to market growth? 
    • What are the types and applications of Pediatric Clinical Trials ?
    • What is the market share of each type and application? 

    Detailed TOC of Pediatric Clinical Trials Market 2019-2024:

    1.1 Study Deliverables
    1.2 Study Assumptions
    1.3 Scope of the Study



    4.1 Market Overview
    4.2 Market Drivers
    4.2.1 Rising Awareness about Pediatric Medicine
    4.2.2 Shifting In-house Clinical Trials to CROs
    4.2.3 Increasing Burden of Pediatric Diseases, such as Diabetes
    4.3 Market Restraints
    4.3.1 Ethical Issues in Pediatric Research
    4.3.2 Small Size of Study Population
    4.4 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    4.4.1 Threat of New Entrants
    4.4.2 Bargaining Power of Buyers/Consumers
    4.4.3 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
    4.4.4 Threat of Substitute Products
    4.4.5 Intensity of Competitive Rivalry

    5.1 By Phase
    5.1.1 Phase I
    5.1.2 Phase II
    5.1.3 Phase III
    5.1.4 Phase IV
    5.2 By Study Design
    5.2.1 Treatment Studies Randomized Control Trial Adaptive Clinical Trial Non-randomized Control Trial
    5.2.2 Observational Studies Cohort Study Case-Control Study Cross-Sectional Study Ecological Study
    5.3 Geography
    5.3.1 North America US Canada Mexico
    5.3.2 Europe Germany UK France Italy Spain Rest of Europe
    5.3.3 Asia-Pacific China Japan India Australia South Korea Rest of Asia-Pacific
    5.3.4 Middle East & Africa GCC South Africa Rest of Middle East & Africa
    5.3.5 South America Brazil Argentina Rest of South America

    6.1 Company Profiles
    6.1.1 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
    6.1.2 Charles River Laboratories International Inc.
    6.1.3 Covance Inc.
    6.1.4 GlaxoSmithKline plc
    6.1.5 ICON plc
    6.1.6 IQVIA
    6.1.7 Novartis AG
    6.1.8 Pfizer, Inc.
    6.1.9 Pharmaceutical Product Development, LLC
    6.1.10 Syneos Health Inc.



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