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Toyota Reveals Newly Redesigned Hydrogen Sedan to Tackle Tesla

Toyota Motor revealed a completely redesigned hydrogen-powered fuel cell sedan Friday in its latest attempt to revive demand for the niche expertise that it hopes will become mainstream.

Japan’s largest auto manufacturer has been developing fuel-cell autos for over 20 years, however, the technology has been clouded by the rapid rise of rival battery-powered electric automobiles sold by the likes of Tesla.

Ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show starting on Oct. 24, Toyota revealed a prototype of the brand new hydrogen sedan built on the same platform as its luxurious Lexus model’s LS coupe. The brand new Mirai model claims longer driving range than its forerunner and completely redesigned fuel cell stack and hydrogen tanks, the auto manufacturer said.

Its sporty redesign with a longer wheelbase and lower-slung chassis is a marked departure from the first-gen Mirai, which appears to be like like a bulked-up Prius hybrid.

The brand new car also has a 30% enhancement in driving range over the earlier iteration’s roughly 700 kilometers, in keeping with the company.

Tanaka stated the newest Mirai would cost less to manufacture than its predecessor, due to a shift to mass production. The present model is mostly assembled by hand.

Toyota has merely 10,000 of the Mirai, a fuel cell sedan it promoted as a game-changer at its launch five years ago. Against this, Tesla sold 25,000 of battery-powered Model S in its first year and a half.